Eat Different.

Work Better.

Simply Lunch is an award winning lunch program centered around clean food and performance cooking.

Our world is moving fast — and when a workplace calls for excellence, we need our fuel. In filling your body and your soul with food that is both simple and nutritious, you’ll be more ready to take on the tasks of the day ahead.


Your team continues to thrive in a challenging world and think on their feet. Show them you are paying attention with amazing food designed to fuel their bodies and minds. Great people need proper fuel to deliver quality results no matter what field or profession.


It makes sense to fuel your team with lunch made from local, organic produce, and to work with a catering company that sets the bar in its industry. At SuperFd we fuel professional athletes to victory on a daily basis, and now want to fuel your office team. Our team works hard to make lunch inspiring and engaging.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Forget taking and placing orders. With Simply Lunch, your personal chef will design exciting menus around your company’s needs, taking into account dietary and taste preferences. Simply tell us how many people to feed and how many days to deliver to your office. You get all the deliciousness designed by our world class Chefs, without any of the hassle.


As long time official partners to both the Los Angeles Kings™ as well as the Washington Capitols™ we know what it takes to fuel elite performers whose careers depend on peak performance at all times. Whether we’re feeding athletes, c-suite executives or office staff, we know that every organization will benefit from having it’s members well fed, with quality, wholesome food made from the freshest local ingredients. 

After all, an organization is nothing more than the sum of its members, which means that to function at the highest level, every single team member must perform as well as possible, as often as possible. We also know from experience that peak performance requires optimal nutrition. That’s why dozens of organizations including Amazon, Politico, LuluLemon, Bloomberg, Tesla, WeWork, Hyperloop, The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Federation, among others have trusted our Simply Lunch™ program to keep their teams well fed and in tip-top shape.

We make corporate lunch as easy as 1,2,3.

Just follow these simple steps to get started:

Drop us a line and tell us more about your business.

Please include the following information:

Once we receive your inquiry, one of our catering coordinators will call you or schedule an appointment

To discuss your needs and see how we can best serve you. We’ll ask you more questions about your specific preferences, discuss pricing and meal service options, frequency, pricing, and menus. We’ll also discuss our entire process, so you are clear on how we work. This is a great opportunity to ask us questions about our service and for us to learn more about your specific needs.

If it's a good fit, we'll put together a proposal and send it your way for you to review.

Once you are ready to get started we’ll ask you to provide additional information about thing food allergies and dietary preferences, based on your employees specific needs and likes. The final step is for you to provide approval so that we can start feeding your people and keeping your workforce as happy, healthy and strong as they deserve to be.